Something New

I’ve seen a lot of changes over the last year or so, so I’ve decided to start this blog. Maybe I will keep up with it, maybe not. We’ll see!

First, some life updates.

After getting my BFA and MAT from Winthrop in 2015/2016 I taught middle school for one year. That year was a lot of things. It was great, exciting, scary, stressful, hilarious (have you ever met a middle schooler?) and very eye opening. I finished that year defeated and burned out from teaching, but having learned a LOT. Something I know a lot of first year teachers understand well. After that, I decided not to jump right into another teaching position. I was still passionate about education, but did not want to jump back into a classroom with such a bad taste in my mouth. Later that summer, I ended up back at Winthrop and began working as a gallery assistant part time and teaching a gallery practicum course. Through the following months, my responsibilities increased and the University posted an Assistant Director position for the Galleries. I applied and interviewed, along with other candidates and was chosen for the position. Since November 2017 I have been serving as the Assistant Director along with my gallery assistant and teaching duties. While vastly different from teaching middle school, I have thoroughly enjoyed this change of setting. I am in an arts field, working with the community, and still getting to teach… it’s amazing, really.

In my year of teaching, I didn’t have time to make much solid work as an “artist” beyond lessons and examples for my students. But, “makers gonna make” so I was always tinkering with something or another.Working only part time over the summer gave me a chance to make up for some of that time and I got to spend a lot of time just playing in my new studio (/guest bedroom). During that time I fell in love with sewing again and have been teaching myself how to quilt. I’m hoping this blog can be used to document some of that.

I’ve decided to call my blog In the Studio because as a maker of things, I feel that life is a studio (wow, mushy I know). I can’t not make, so that’s what I do. It may not always be “art” per-se, but there’s always something creative that keeps me ticking. So here we are, thanks for reading along. 🙂

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